Fighting A DUI Conviction With Tulsa Criminal Attorneys

In Oklahoma, as state laws define, a driver over the age of twenty-one with a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.08 percent is guilty of a DUI. Parties with any alcohol in their system who are under the level drinking age are also guilty of the offense. The guilty blood-alcohol content reading for any drivers who possess a commercial driver’s license is 0.04 percent. A local attorney can assist these drivers when they are facing a DUI charge.

Why Is It Illegal to Refuse to Submit to Testing?

The state follows an implied consent law that requires all drivers who are stopped for suspicion of a DUI to submit to testing. The laws indicate that the driver has given their legal consent to testing based on their choice to operate a moving vehicle after consuming alcohol. However, a driver who can prove that they were not intoxicated could use a defense based on a medical condition in which the symptoms mimics signs of intoxication.

What are the Administrative Penalties of a DUI Conviction?

A first-time DUI conviction incurs a driver’s license suspension of thirty days. Any blood-alcohol content reading that exceeded the legal limit could increase the suspension to one hundred-eighty days. If the defendant was underage, the suspension is increased to six months.

The defendant will also pay $25 to re-establish their license along with a processing fee of $75. They also face a trauma care fee of $200, mental health fee of $15, and $175 fee if the court provides a limited license. A $50 charge is also applied for the installation of an ignition interlocking device.

What are the Criminal Penalties for a DUI Conviction?

For the first-time offense, the driver is penalized based on a misdemeanor offense. They receive a fine of $1,000. The driver spends between ten days and one year in jail.

In Oklahoma, no tolerance laws impose strict penalties for driving under the influence. In fact, defendants can face criminal charges for blood-alcohol content readings as low as 0.04 percent. Defendants who need legal assistance can contact Tulsa criminal attorneys and schedule an appointment right now.